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Everything a Homeowner Should Know About Water Softeners

The Benefits of Water Softener Installation

Hard water. If most homeowners were asked to describe it, they would likely have trouble explaining what it is and how to identify any signs that it may be occurring in the home. In many cases, however, it’s a prevalent issue that could be causing extensive damage to your fixtures, dishes, hair, and plumbing.

The good news is, with appropriate water softener installation, homeowners won’t even need to worry about it for a second. Keep the home safe from hard water and all of its various side effects by learning all about the importance of water softeners in the home.

Why the Home May Need a Water Softener

water softener servicesWhile not all of the signs of hard water are obvious, there are a few things to look out for that would indicate that a water softener would be a great addition to the home.
  • Scale Buildup - Over time, hard water builds up on everything in the home that uses water. Homeowners may notice scaling on coffee pots, teapots, etc.
  • Dry Skin and Hair - Dry, itchy skin can come from a lack of moisture in the air, or a lack of water softeners in the home.
  • Stains in the Bathtub - Bathtub stains are always the result of hard water. The buildup created by the excess minerals leaves staining on the tub, and the only resolution is a water softener.
  • Excessive Water Bills - Hard water causes the pipes to have to work extra hard to get the water through them, leading to a significant increase in the water bill.

What Is Water Softener Salt?

Water softeners wouldn’t work without special water softener salt. Many homeowners get confused by this, thinking that the salt is going to end up in the water that they are drinking or bathing in. Luckily, that isn’t true. There are a few important things to consider when selecting salt made specifically for water softeners.

water softener salt

The first is the form of the salt. Most water softeners work best with pellets, although there are other options available (block and crystal). Each specific water softener will have a preference, which should be in the user’s manual. Purity is another factor to take into consideration.

Higher purity salts are generally considered best, as they leave far less residue in the tank than lower purity salts. The final consideration is local - certain areas have different needs to balance out the specific geographic makeup. Water softeners may need a salt that can better help with specific concerns like iron concentration or rust staining.

The Extra Costs of Hard Water

Not having working water softeners can take a financial toll on the household. These additional costs usually come in one of a few different places :

  • hard water costCleaning/Personal Costs - It just takes more to do the laundry when the home has hard water. It also ends up costing far less to purchase soaps, lotions, and detergents with working water softeners in the home.
  • Washable Item Costs - Hard water is tough on fabrics, so not having working water softeners mean that the home’s towels, sheets, and other linens will wear out and discolor much quicker than they should.
  • Gas/Electricity Bill Costs - While this seems like a strange effect, hard water actually builds up inside of the pipes and causes heat loss, which adds up on the gas or electricity bill.
  • Appliance Repair and Replacement Costs - Hard water is tough on appliances in many different ways. When they run through them for long enough, the hard water builds up and causes an increase in repair costs as well as causing replacements to happen before they’re due.

All of these issues can be solved with the simple installation of water softeners by licensed and trained plumbers.

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