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How To Winterize Plumbing Pipes

Here Are Common Tips To Prevent Burst Pipes This Winter

A home's plumbing system never gets a break. Every single day, the piping is expected to perform or outperform the day before. However, it can be more challenging for a home's piping system to perform its job properly in the winter months. It can get so cold that it threatens the integrity of the piping system entirely. That is why it's crucial to perform pre-winter maintenance to ensure the piping system is prepared to endure the cold months ahead. Below are a few tips to help homeowners prepare their pipes for the winter season.  

Are Burst Pipes Dangerous?

When dealing with a burst pipe, the sooner homeowners catch the problem, the better. A burst pipe is considered a dangerous thing because it can completely compromise a home in a matter of minutes if the problem is serious enough. 

In fact, they are dangerous in more ways than one. They place a direct threat to a home's foundation, furniture, appliances, walls, and flooring. That's the thing about burst pipes; it's hard to know how bad they are until the damage is already done. 

Still, there are a few signs to look for when homeowners think they may have a burst pipe. These signs include: 

  • Water pressure inconsistencies
  • The sound of running water
  • A damp floor or drywall

The Benefits of Insulating Pipes


Insulating pipes will help save money on homeowners' water bills each month and help save the condition of their piping system. Essentially, it works by trapping the heat in the pipes longer to keep the water temperatures level, and in turn, the pipes don't freeze over and crack or burst. That way, homeowners can avoid a repiping.

Some of the common benefits of insulating pipes include: 

The last thing a homeowner wants is for their pipes to freeze during the winter months. This almost confirms that the pipes will crack, burst, and lead to water flowing into the home. Insulating pipes isn't a full-proof way to ensure the pipes don't burst, but it is a step that will overall help reduce the risk tremendously. 

More Tips To Prevent Burst Pipes

Perhaps one of the most widely known facts to help prevent burst pipes in the winter is to leave the water dripping from any faucets connected to an outside line. The trickling of the water is enough to keep the pipes from freezing over. This is especially important to do throughout the cold winter nights. 


Some other prevention tips include: 

  • Seal up any cracks or leaks before the winter comes
  • Keep all interior doors open
  • The garage door should stay closed
  • Don't let the home get below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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