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Noisy Plumbing in the Night

Strange Plumbing Sounds in a Plumbing System

As the days get shorter, the nights get longer and spookier. Any noise can set someone off with worry. Tires squealing, wind howling, or strange plumbing noises coming from the walls or the basement are enough to have anyone on edge. 

Houses can make all kinds of strange noises, but when plumbing noises start to get louder or more frequent, it’s usually a sign that something is wrong. Homeowners should be aware of the different plumbing noises that can happen and what they mean.

Dripping Sounds

Late at night is truly the best time to hear what kinds of noises the house is making. Everything starts to quiet down as people head off to their rooms for sleep. And a quiet house makes unusual noises more noticeable. A homeowner may notice the sound of a dripping faucet down the hall or on a different floor. 

Dripping faucets are quite common, and they frequently happen because of worn out or damaged parts. Worn and damaged components are under a lot of pressure to keep water from flowing, so it starts to leak out of the faucet. Homeowners should have a professional look at the dripping faucet to determine which component needs replacement.

Knocking Sounds


Another common sound that plumbing systems can make is a knocking noise. This noise is commonly referred to as a water hammer. If the water is running and then suddenly shuts off, all of that rushing water has no place to go. It can’t go out of the faucet or spout, so it slams against the shut-off valve. 

So what’s the big deal with water hammers? Are they so bad? Unfortunately, they can lead to damaged joints and connections in the plumbing pipes if they happen consistently. Therefore, homeowners must take this problem seriously and use precautions when turning the water on and off.

Knocking sounds in the pipes can also commonly be caused by variable water pressure. Too high water pressure or water pressure that fluctuates frequently can cause water to move suddenly and violently, crashing around in the pipes and resulting in loud knocking sounds. Homeowners may want to consider installing a pressure regulator to prevent this problem from happening. 

Gurgling Sounds

Another noise that homeowners should pay attention to is gurgling sounds, especially when the toilet is flushed or when water runs down the drain. Some people may even notice the water in the toilet starts to bubble. Gurgling is typically caused by some blockage that negatively impacts the air pressure. Air pressure has to be just right for water to flow through the pipes. But when there’s a blockage in the pipes caused by hair, grease, or any other substance, it causes suction in the plumbing, and the air can escape back into the toilet, resulting in the gurgling sound. A blockage can be found in various places, including the toilet itself, the toilet’s drain, the main sewer line, or the vent stack. 


When homeowners start to notice gurgling sounds coming from the toilet, they should contact a professional right away to figure out where the blockage is coming from and resolve the problem quickly. If it’s not resolved, it can lead to a backup, a major plumbing emergency every homeowner wants to avoid! 

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