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Plumbing issues are a common occurrence that can affect anyone at any given moment. From small leaks that occur over time to random clogs that you begin to notice in your bathroom and kitchen sink, there’s no predicting when you’ll need the help of a plumber. Here at A River City Plumbing, we’re passionate about providing the Spirit Lake, ID community with a helping hand when plumbing emergencies arise.

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Signs You Have a Plumbing Emergency

Homeowners all across the world have experienced the headaches and frustration from plumbing issues that arise at random moments. The best way to deal with such issues is by knowing the underlying cause of these problems.

Some of the most frequent issues we witness and tend to include:

  • Clogged Bathtubs/ Drains: A clogged sink or tub drain isn’t just an inconvenience. It can indicate more serious problems in your piping that should be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Low Water Pressure: From issues like water leaks and plumbing blockages, low water pressure is usually a result that stems from these problems. Scheduling routine plumbing maintenance will help keep these problems at bay.
  • Faulty Water Heaters: Anything from old age, high water pressure, internal rust, and corrosion may be the cause of a faulty water heater. Repairs should be made immediately to ensure you don’t have to go without hot water for long and to address major issues such as a leak.
  • Clogged Toilet: An excessive use of toilet paper along with the use of unflushable items can result in a clogged toilet. Only flush toilet paper down the toilet and try to use low-ply paper to avoid this issue in the future.

When Are Water Heater Repairs Needed?

Experiencing problems with your water heater is another common occurrence that can happen over time. It pays to be mindful and keep an eye out for these happenings so you’ll know when to contact a professional for help. Common issues to look out for are:

  • Water Leakage: This is usually due to condensation or water being expelled through an overflow pipe.
  • No Hot Water: No hot water is usually due to an electrical issue or the heating element inside your water heater. If you reset the breaker and you’re still not getting hot water, it’s important to call a pro for further diagnostics.
  • Weird Smells: Weird smells in your water are due to bacteria in your water tank. A way to settle this issue is by flushing your tank or opting for an anode rod replacement.
  • Rusty Water: Similar to the weird smells that you may sense in your water, rusty water may be due to a rusty anode rod that needs replacing. Additionally, the tank itself may be deteriorating, which should never be taken lightly.
  • Low Water Pressure: Low water pressure is common with older homes or the use of older water tanks. Opting to replace your older water heater for a more updated unit can fix this problem.

These are all symptoms that’ll let you know when you’re having problems with your water tank. The moment you spot these issues, give us a call and let us take care of the problem for you. At A River City Plumbing, we offer expert water heater replacement services, ensuring you enjoy consistent temperature and lower costs from our high-efficiency systems.

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Expert Drain Cleaning Services

Drain cleaning is beneficial for many reasons. Not only does it help restore the flow of water to your plumbing system, but also it can remove any debris or buildup that can damage your plumbing in the long run. So how do you know when service is needed? Some common issues you may notice in your home include:

  • Slow drains
  • Frequent clogs
  • Common leaks
  • Frequent repairs
  • Multiple clogged drains

Here at A River City Plumbing, we take pride in providing quality workmanship and service to our customers throughout the area.

We also offer 24-hour emergency services for those unforeseen plumbing issues, so give us a call day or night!

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